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Lecture 20

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History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E January 9 2012 Lecture 20 TOPIC National SocialismNationalismSocialismwhen one is willing to die for their countryTwo Components1904German Workers Party GWP o Started by people of Bohemia southeast state of Germany o They are very close to Baltic countries The Baltics would cross the border and takes jobs in Bohemia o Their platformsOnly German workers are allowed in German factories and industries no foreign workersEmployers and employees of these German factories should share the profits MarxismJews are to have no leadership roles in German banks o The party starts of small but drastically gains influence1917Storm Battalions o They realize that they will lose the warpeace is far preferable to war o These groups break off there are battalions scattered all around Bohemia and slowly spread across the country into the North o They are young soldiers who are no
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