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Lecture 19

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Western University
History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E December 5 2011 Lecture 19 TOPIC Weimar Republic 19191933The Germans changed their name out of embarrassment from the Treaty of VersaillesThey renamed it the Weimar after the place of the signing of the ConstitutionIt was also changed for a psychological thingfor international people to forget the old GermanyGoethe was a philosopher born in Weimar and was one of Germanys most nationalistic philosophersThey renamed it after the city that he was from and it was a sign of starting anewNovember 1918Provisional Government o Provisional Government is temporary and is set up by the Weimar peopleIt is a symbol of change and successIt was partly to generate morale and also because the American president said that he would not sign any document with the Germans until Germany created a nation ruled by a democratic leaderThey are worried that they will not meet the prerequisites set out by the American governmentthey are not used to democracyJanuary 1919Spartacists o Sparticus was a slave in the Roman Empire who resisted the authority of the Roman slave driversAs a slave he organizes the rebellionit is done very slowly and peacefullyHe eventually overwhelms the slave driversHe is a symbol of slow progress o The Russians are now on the move and are spreading CommunismLenin is in power and envisions
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