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History 2145A/B
David Norton

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Hist1403E January 11 2012 Lecture 21 TOPIC Hitler and His Rise to PowerAdolf Hitler 18891945Quiet and well behaved boy Interested in joining the cleregyInstead went to Vienna at 18 yearsIn Vienne he saw the wealth of the Jewish people his art was declined by the Jewish printers and he got a feels for that the Germans were looking forBlamed the death of his mother on a Jewish doctorFought in World War 1 He enjoyed it but was blinded by mustard gas at the end of the WarPutsch of 8 November 1923In Munich in the beer hallMunich was a city in Bavariaa city that wanted to break away from GermanyHitler takes advantage of thisHitler and his thugs entered the Beer Hall Hitler jumps on the table shoots a pistol into the air and shouts that the revolution has begunHe states that no one can leave the room all the doors were sealed off by SA agentsHitler takes the mayor and two others into a roomHis gun has four shotsIf they didnt agree with him after an hour he said he
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