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History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E January 18 2012 Lecture 23 TOPIC Russian and Italian Propaganda A RussianStalin doesnt have anyone like Goebbels that can help to control leadership propagandaStalin decided to supervise the propaganda himselfThe Bolshevik party was relatively new and unpredictable LeninMarxist IdeologyBolshevik SystemEqual opportunity land distribution etcwere all ideas of Marxism that were actually detailed in the planningVillage Reading Room o Strictly unique to the Russian systemo The country was one of illiteracy and it was Lenins idea to educate the populationThe people were taught to readThese Reading Rooms were buildings that already existed in each village became the community centres o People from Lenins regime would come to the buildings to teach the people to read and writeIt was a fairly successful attempt This was not needed in Germany because Germans could already read and rightIt was usually either a priest or a member of the Bolshevik party who taught the citizens o He did this so that people could read Marxs doctrineNewspapers o Lenin started 2 Eg Pravda o Pravdatruth
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