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History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E February 13, 2012 Lecture 30 TOPIC (Continued) Peace Treaties  August 1941 – Atlantic Charter o Meeting with Roosevelt and Churchill. o Stressed that the seas wouldn’t be dominated by any one country and a system to prevent future wars (negotiation).  January 1943 – Casablanca o Roosevelt and Churchill. o What is to be done about Stalin?  December 1943 – Teheran o Stalin insists on attending, and having a major say in the organization of negotiations. He started to brag and claimed entitlement due to his contributions.  February 1945 – Yalta o Stalin calls holding a meeting in his territory. He proposes splitting Germany into sections and giving chunks to the U.K., France, U.S.S.R., and U.S.A. o U.S.A. and U.K. demand France’s presence. o Stalin wants a say in the formation of the U.N.  July 1945 – Potsdam (Most Important) o There will be a Germany totally controlled by the Allies (now International Law). o Stalin claims entitlement to largest chunk of Germany (Totalitarian regime has the largest chunk). Hitler as Military Leader in WWII  Hitler and the Army o 1938 – Commander-in-Chief of Army  Hitler becomes so stubborn that he loses faith in his army.  Builds 20 bunkers so that he can travel around, visit, and command all of his troops.  Numerous “Fuhrerhauptquarters” o Obersalzberg (Eagles’ Nest)  Hitler’s favourite place. Renovated abandoned far
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