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Western University
History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E February 27, 2012 Lecture 32 TOPIC Anti-Semitism Germany  Herder/Fichter o There was a belief in both of these men that the Jewish race was barbaric and inhuman. The Germans are superior is because of where they live, and the Jews are inferior because of where they live – didn’t make sense because they lived in the same place. o The Jews were not worth keeping alive. o 1879 – A Protestant preacher in Germany claimed that the peasant population was rising, and the Jews are becoming wealthy as a result. It is a racism based upon religion.  Bismarck o Strongly Anti-Semitic (also didn’t like Christians; didn’t like the Pope because he saw him as a threat to his power). o 1881 – Put out a petition(in an attempt to hold on to power) saying that all Jews should be removed from German territory. Also, Jews should be removed from German schools and all legal professions. If they insist on staying, all Jews should be baptized into Christianity (then they would be allowed to stay). o 225 000 people signed this petition (in the Berlin area alone). He attempts carry a fair bit of weight.  Nazi o Under the Nazi regime, the Jews of Austria were the most distasteful, because they should know better – they are the most dishonourable in Nazi eyes. They should be destroyed. (Austrian Jews were worse than German Jews). o “Secret Plans against Germany Revealed” (1933)  A Nazi document proclaiming that there was going to be a Jewish world conference with all of the world’s important Jews would gather and discuss plans. It said that they were going to determine the history of the world. They would then dominate the world so that anyone who wasn’t a Jew would be destroyed. Claimed that they have no creative spirit, but had the power to conquer the world. o “The Eternal Jew” (1940)  A book that propagated the evil nature of and hatred towards the Jewish people. 3 Reasons for Discrimination: 1. Still historically considered to be the group that killed Jesus. Not only refuted the idea of Jesus as the Messiah, but went as far to kill them. 2. They fact that they banded together. They are a group that develops and maintains an identity, and is impossible to get rid of. 3. Jews are wealthy. They could lend and borrow amongst each other freely. This makes non-Jews (Gentiles) very jealous and angry. Russia  Holds very strong anti-Semitic feelings.
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