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History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E March 5, 2012 Lecture 34 TOPIC Resistance to Hitler Security  Proof of Hitler’s paranoia.  His cars were always Mercedez-Benz, bullet-proof tires and windows, designated chauffeurs, closed in, etc.  Only 2 pilots were allowed to fly him anywhere. Also, if he were to fly anywhere, he would send out one that looked just like him (dumby-plane) 15 before his own – in case someone tried to assassinate him. Attempts Made on Hitler’s Life Switzerland: Bavaud  A Swiss Roman Catholic who hated the Nazi regime claimed that God instructed him to remove Hitler.  He devises a plan: o Moves to Berlin. o Has in his possession maps, blueprints, guns, ammunition, etc. o Read Mein Kampf. o Joined the Nazis. o Learned to speak German.  After a year (1939) of living there, he arranged to attend a commemoration that he knew Hitler went to every year. He would stand in the crowd close to where Hitler was walking when he laid wreaths on the monuments.  He doesn’t fire once because Hitler happens to move out of range.  The following days he sends letters to Hitler warning him of dangers of appearing in public. None get through,  Catches a train to Paris. At the border it is discovered that he has guns and a German dictionary.  Handed over to the SS and is imprisoned.  Beheaded near the end of the war when Hitler learns of this mans intentions to kill him. Georg Esler: Lone German Bomber  Happened at the same time as Bavaud.  German worker who firmly believes that communism is the answer. Hitler didn’t support communism.  1939 he goes to Munich and has a plan: o Wants to be there when Hitler gives in annual speech at the Beer Hall. o Wants to get Hitler when he is giving his speech. o Ahead of time, he goes to the building, mingles and visits, and when they close, he hides in the men’s washroom. o Comes out of the washroom at night (does this for months and months) , and wants to make one of the pillars that support the balcony, collapse, so that the balcony would collapse on Hitler. o Every night he chips away at the pillar. o Time comes and he has obtained dynamite, fuses, and a timer. o He sets it up and leaves town. o Hitler always goes at the same time every year on the same day at the same time, for 20 minutes. Problem: Hitler cuts his speech short, and isn’t there when the bomb goes off.  He is eventually tracked down and killed. The Abwehr (Defense): Hans Oster  A member of the defensive military (Abwehr branch).  He knows that at some point, Hitler would go to the war front to see his troops. This would involved going into Czech Slovakia.  Plan o When Hitler gets on the train, members of this defense force will go behind him to keep him out of Berlin. o While this is going on (tracking Hitler to the East), the defense group will start to immobilize Berlin (e.g. mail, post, telephones, etc.). o When Hitler discovers that Berlin has been taken over, he will return, and then be arrested by members of his own military. o He will be taken to trial, condemned, and imprisoned. o Finally, if there is any evidence that Hitler wants to especae from prison, he will be killed. o The Abwehr will be in power.  What stopped it: Chamberlain’s visit. Chamberlain advocated peace
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