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History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E March 7, 2012 Lecture 35 TOPIC Hitler’s Bunker: His Final Days (Not On Exam) 16 January 1945 – Hitler Moves In  In 1945 Hitler decided that he needed a secretary to keep track of the events transpiring in his life. Hitler even allows her to escape near the end. The secretary did flee, and created a memoir of Hitler’s life.  When he moves into the bunker, he makes it clear that he doesn’t anticipate ever moving out of it again; he would die there.  His favourite painting which he brought with him everywhere was brought to the bunker, along with a few clothes, a pilot, and a chauffeur (even though he didn’t use them).  The bunker is 3 stories high, but underground. All rooms were painted grey, walls dripped because of the moisture in the area, and had quarters provided for all of his workers (including a dentist). Everything was run on generators, and at night they went off. The smell was atrocious (there was not a lot of hygiene or running water). There was no way for air to circulate.  He rarely went outside, but to walk his dog. He would bring his dog to the entrance of his bunker, and then one of his workers would take the dog outside.  The roof was 16 feet thick of cement, the walls 6 feet wide, and the roof was 55 feet under the ground level. Life in the Bunker  His health rapidly deteriorates. He had a stoop, drooled, and his eye sight went. He received very little sleep, and he had explosive tantrums constantly. 15 April – Eva Braun Moves In  Brought a large collection of gems, robes, and luxuries in hopes of lightening Hitler’s spirits.  Angel of Death – brought a pistol.  As the Russians move closer, there were tremendous poundings from outside. The explosions could be heard above (the Russians were 40 miles away from Berlin). 2 million soldiers, 40 thousand guns, and hundreds of rockets. th 20 April – Hitler’s 56 Birthday  Friends come in to visit along with some of the Hitler youth and army generals.  The birthday celebrations are nothing special.  Some wanted Hitler to go and some wanted him to stay. Goebbels – his nearest and most genuine friend – wanted Hitler to stay, as it would instill hope in the German people and army.  It was very evident that Hitler was unsure of what to do.  He went above ground on his birthday, and congratulates the Hitler youth – a number of whom promised that they would lie down in front of Russian tanks if they were to invade. Hitler gives 20 of them the Iron Cross (highest level of bravery medal). 22 April – Conference – “All Is Lost”  He calls in his military advisors and they report to him what is available in terms of personelle of equipment and men to carry on the war. The generals try to make him realize that they will lose and should stop now. Hitler is outraged, and denies it. He then admits that “all is lost” because his army betrayed him and his generals abandoned him.  He won’t surrender – if necessary he will commit suicide. He will not allow his body to be taken by the Russians. He has all of his papers taken upstairs and burnt.  At this meeting, he takes the pistol out of the drawer and put out of his pocket. It was seen by the secretary, but it remains unsure as to whether anyone else noticed this.  Goebbels Family Moves In o The last people to come into the bunker are the Goebbels. o They bring next to nothing, coming in, knowing full well that the end is coming. Very loyal! 23 April – Speer (the Architect) and Hitler  Becomes enraged and asked whether or not Speer had destroyed all of the buildings. Speer promises him that he will look after it (if Hitler dies). It was a promise that he never kept.  He also promises if Berlin is taken, he will burn the bodies of Hitler and Eva (so the Russians won’t get him). T
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