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Lecture 9

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History 2147A/B
Julia Berest

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Hitler’s Foreign Policy The blueprint of Hitler’s foreign policy before 1933 - Mein Kampf 1924- lebensraum (living space) in eastern europe and russia (USSR), not overseas - Why Russia - Suitable land - Soviet Ukraine= amazing land - Hitler driven by :Judeo- boleshevism” - To bring their superior culture to the Soviet - Idea to turn Soviet people into slaves - Strategy- “only by war” - Alliance with Italy and Britain (sharing world domination) - the British- Nordic race Foreign Policy tactic after 1933 - Hitler’s tactical talk about peace(consequences of he Versailles Treaty- French Alliance system - Knew that at the time Germany was not in a place to fight any wars - Highlighted the importance of peace - Poland given large piece of German land - 1838- secret address to step by step gain freedom for the German people - 1930s- from a third-rate state to Great Power Why didn’t Euro powers stop Hitler before it was too late? • Germany as counter balance to the soviet • Soviet’s comeback was expected at this time, as a result of its bloody policies Changing attitude to the Versailles treaty • • Public became open to the idea to not dismantling the treaty, but redefining it • Germ refused reparations in 32- couldn’t pay it, got away with it, nothing happened • Anti-war sentiments in Brit and France • Public preferred diplomatic means over military intervention • Hitler’s diplomacy (piecemeal tactic, opportunism, legitimate pretexts, false promises) Hitler’s priorities- rebuilding German military, dismantling the Versailles Treaty - conjuring up international sympathy for Germany - 1933- World Disarmament Conference - Hitler argued the unfair treatment of his country - 1933- Germany withdrew from the League of Nations - Argued they did not have any say, so why stay? - 1934- ten-year German- Polish non-aggression pact (diplomatic challenge to France- divide and rule game) - 1934- visit to Mussolini (new Roman emperor) - Hitler’s plans to unite with Austria Feb 1935 - Brit-Germ naval convention- 35% of the British naval forces, (German rearmament acknowledged) Rapprochement with italy - 1935- Mussolini’s attack on Eithiopia (Ayssinia)- in violation of the Covenant of the League of Nations - Economic sanctions against italy - The weakness of the league - March 1936- German troops to Rhineland (against the General’s advice) - Knew Germany was still not ready for war, if France had been in the Rhinland expecting the attack, the Germans would have been thrown out very quickly 1936- Olympic games in Germany - Germany looked prosperous and happy - Tourists may indeed have been convinced that GErmany was an open and tolerant nation during the games - Signs prohibiting JEws from certain places had been taken down - Germans knew how fake this representation of Nazi Germany was - Workers taught to treat foreigners with extreme tolerance Taking over Austria (Anschluss), 1938 - Economic depression in Austia - Feb 1938- meeting with Austrian Chancellor - Austria plans for plebiscite - March 11- Hitler’s ultimatum - - April 1938- made a plebiscite to make it look legitimate to the public - Allowed him to argue that the Anschluss was an act of national self- determination - That the austrians decided they indeed did choose to be part of the New
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