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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Tom Stavraky

3347growth and developmentMonday January 9 2012introwhy studyUnderstanding of factors playing positive roles in growth and developmentIncrease life spanImprove quality of life73 yrs by 2025human growth patterns complexvariable among individuals and sexeschronological age an insufficient measurebetter ways of evaluating growth and its implicationsUnit 1 Basics of growth and motor developmentIntro and definition of termsPatterns of postnatal systemic growthClassification and characteristics of growth periodsReading Chapter 1TermsNatal pertaining to berthPrenatal prior to birthNeonatal immediately following birthPostnatal after birthMetabolism complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cellsCatabolism destructive metabolism The breakdown of materialsAnabolism constructive metabolism The building of materialsGenotype oTotal set of individuals genetic characteristics contained within hisher genomeoUnique to each individual personoOperational A set of instructions our body will followPhenotypeoPhysical expression of the genotypeoVisible characteristics oBiochemical and tissue variancesoModified by environmental factors interacting with genotype ecophenotypic variation3 central processes in infancy childhood and adolescenceGrowthoA measurable change in the size of the body as a whole or the size of specific body partsoUsually an increase in sizeoDominant biological activity for first 20 yearsoCellular leveloBody system orgam and tissue cell type specificoWhole body growth does not necessarily parallel body part growtho3 cellular processesHyperplasiaIncrease in cell number1 cell60 trillionmitosismeiosisneoplasiaHypertrophyIncrease in cell sizeIncrease in intracellular functional units organelles substrates proteinsMuscular and nervous tissue primary growth formAccretionThe addition of intercellular materialsIe Collagen matrices in adipose tissue connective tissue or boneoHypertrophy vs hyperplasiaDifficult to visually observeOld method WeightDNA ratio Flow cytometryExamine and measure microscope particlesCell growshypertrophyCell divideshyperplasiaRelative content of protein and DNA both go up hyperplasia only protein increases means hypertrophyDNA contentProtein contentNeonatal and Postnatal growthLargely hyperplasticChildhood and onwardHypertrophicoStages of tissue growthStage 1Genetic material and total protein increase at similar ratesIndicates cell size remains constantHyperplastic growthStage 2DNA replicationcell proliferation slowsProtein synthesis continues at same rate as stage 1Hyperplasia and hypertrophyStage 3The rate of DNA production stabilizesProtein production rate continuesHypertrophicStage 4MaturityRate of protein production parallels rate of DNA productionMaturationoThe process of becoming mature or progressing toward a mature state and the timing and temp of this progressoTiming when maturational event occuroTempo the rate which it occursoOccurs in all tissues and organsoOccurs in a system specific manneroTiming and tempo vary among biological systemsIe Nervous sexual muscularoDetermined by genetic makeupoSequence of maturation does not appear to vary considerablyNervous maturity sexual maturity skeletal maturityoTotal body maturation is highly integratedomaturitythe target state of growth an adult stateosexual maturityfull reproductive capabilities varies between sexesoskeletal maturityfully ossified adult skeleton approx 20 yrsoneuroendocrine maturityfilly functioning nervous and endocrine systemsotiming and tempo vary among individualsogrowth is not always good indicator
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