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Health Science 1001B Notes Lecture 1 p 231 WHO Definition of Healthstate of complete physical mental and social wellbring and not absence of disease or infirmity Ottawa Charterresource for everyday life emphasizes social and personal resources as well as physical capabilitiesWellnessExpanded idea of health living life fully with vitality and meaningDetermined largely by life decisions and how life is livedDynamic process of change and growth Wellness Dimensions and Continuum 1 Physical Wellnesshealthy eating exercise learning about disease is getting regular checkups etc Influences quality of life personal sense of physical and mental healthhealth related quality of lifeenables work play relationships and life expectancy 2 InterpersonalSocial WellnessEffective communication skills developing capacity for intimacy support networks Requires community participation3 MentalIntellectual Wellnessopenness to new ideas and critical thinking to learn new skills 4 Occupational Wellnesspersonal satisfaction derived from careercareer development Attaining a worklife balance 5 Emotional wellnessOptimism trust selfesteem selfcontrol and ability to share feelings Requires monitoring feelings identifying obstacles finding solutions to emotional problems Closely related to feelings 6 Environmental Wellnesspersonal health depends on planet healthviolence pollution light noise Learning about and protecting from hazards taking actions to minimalize hazards 7 Spiritual Wellnesshaving a set of guiding beleifs that giving meaning to life involves capacity for love compassion forgiveness altruism and fulfillment Core of wellness Reading p 231 Integrated PanCanadian Healthy Living Strategy2002 improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities by 2015Healthy Eating goal increase the proportion of people who make healthy food choices by 20Physical Activity GoalIncrease proportion of physically active Canadians by 20 30 min or moredayHealthy Weights Objective Increase 20 people with a body weight index of 185249 Health Issues for Diverse Populations Sex and Gender issues divided into sexual issuessuch as an increases susceptibility to toxins in cigarettes and gender issuessuch as men not going to the doctor as much as women Ethnicity Sicklecell anemia in African populations Taysachs disease among European Jewish communities aboriginalshigher infant mortality 15 times higher heart disease 35 times diabetes type 2 810 times higher rate of tuberculosis Income and Education lower wealthhigher infant mortality and morbidity some diseases include HIV hepatitis C traumatic injury diabetes heart disease eating poorly obese poor in wealthy neighborhoods are healthier than poor in poor neighborhoods Disability 1 in 7 have a disability inactivity and overweight more depression Geographic Location higher death in rural areas 15 live in rural in Canada less physically active less seat belts less screening for preventative medicine LESS likely to be diagnosed with cancer LESS stressed stronger sense of communitySexual orientation engage in risky behaviors drug use likely to attempt suicide or contract HIVAIDS substance abuse suicide depressionWhat influences WellnessHealth Habitsregular exercise balanced diet etcHeredity and Family HistoryGenomeset of genetic material in cells Genebasic unit of hereditary informationEnvironmentair you breath water you drink home and workplace conditions community standards tobacco smoke UV radiation Alcohol or drug abuse within the familyAccess to Health Careimproves quantity and quality of life vaccinations screening tests BehaviorGetting Serious About HealthExamine Health HabitsChoose a target behaviorLearn about itFind Help Motivation to ChangeExamine pros and Cons of changeBoost Self Efficacybelief in your ability to take action and perform a specific task Locus of Controlfigurative place a person designates as the source of responsibility for the events in his or her lifeInternalin control of their own lives Externalfactors are beyond their control Visualization and Selftalkvisualize yourself engaging in new healthier behavior use an internal dialogue you carry on with yourself to increase confidence Role ModelsIdentify and overcome barriers Lecture 2 Infectious DiseasesCommunicable from one person to anothertuberculosis diphtheria influenza common cold HIV AIDS Chronic Diseasesdevelop and become worse over a period of time caued in part and sometimes by lifestyle factorCancer heart disease stroke Life Expectancy and Major Health ThreatsHealth threats in 1900sinfectious diseaseslack of clean water poor sewage removal living in close quarters unsanitary food preparations growing trade between countriesTuberculosis pneumoniaSources of infectious diseases were soon discover easier to control spread of disease public health becomes more importantAdoption of vaccinations and development of antibiotics allowed for the control of mortality and morbidityPeople expect modern medicine could conquer all illness belief holds true today Women83 years men 78 yearsLife expectancyTODAY in Canada Chronic diseases are the largest health threats in CanadaCancer heart disease and strokeRisk factors fall within the realm of lifestyle choicesBest action is preventionex Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death followed by poor diet inactivity and alcohol use Life Expectancy in CanadaAmong highestMost health regions are in western OntarioLife expectancy UP Unemployment DOWN level of education UP concentration of immigrants UP Science Vs Health PromotionMust be clear and unequivocalHealth problems require action now science provides excuses How to Reach Wellness
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