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Shauna Burke

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Wellness: the new health goal - Wellness- optimal health and vitality o Living life to the fullest - Dimensions of wellness o 1. Physical o 2. Emotional o 3. Intellectual o 4. Interpersonal o 5. Spiritual o 6. Environmental o Interconnected o Intertwined Physical Wellness - Body’s overall condition + fitness level + ability to care for yourself o Can be thin on the outside but don’t know what’s going on inside - Higher your fitness level, higher the physical wellness - Decisions and habits you make now will continue over lifetime o Can carry behaviors from childhood throughout life o These determine length and quality of your life o Pleasure now can have long term effects Emotional Wellness - How are you able to deal with and understand what happens in your life - Attending to your own o Thoughts  Everyone’s slightly schizophrenic o Feelings o Monitoring your reactions o Identifying obstacles to emotional stability - To gain self-esteem let someone fail and let them get stronger by overcoming o Need to learn how to cope with situations o Can learn from failures Intellectual Wellness - Constantly challenging your mind - An active mind o Detects problems o Find solutions o Directs behavior - Ties to emotional wellness o If have active mind can cope with things - Continue to try new things Interpersonal Wellness - Also known as social wellness o Better to have people around them to support them - Women more likely to look for social support for men - Ability to develop and maintain relationships - Relationships crucial to physical and emotional health - Involves participating in and contributing to your community and to society Spiritual Wellness - Possessing guiding beliefs, principles, or values that give meaning and purpose to your life - Spiritual people focus on positive aspect of life - Spiritual people able to find answers to negative feelings o Able to cope better o Antidote for negative feelings - Religion isn’t the only source of spiritual wellness Environmental Wellness - Environment can affect our mood, physical health - Personal health depends on health of planet - Physical environment can support or diminish your wellness Determinants of Health - Education and literacy is most important Wellness Continuum - Show how all the types of wellness are interconnected Qualities and Behaviours Associated with Dimensions of Wellness New Opportunities, New responsibilities - Life expectancy changed from 1900s o B/c advances in medical field o Sanitation o Diet o Access to health care - Infectious disease: a disease that is communicable from one person to another - Chronic disease: a disease that develops and continues over a long period of time - Have far more chronic disease now than before - Now see more cases of cirrhosis of liver because of sugar consumption o Sugar can damage more powerfully than alcohol Public Health Achievements of 20 Century Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy - 2002, federal, provincial, and territorial ministers of health came together to create an approach to address the nation’s health concerns - Strategy goals: o Improve overall health outcomes o Reduce health disparities by 2015 by addressing healthy eating, physical acti
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