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Lecture 9

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Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Lecture 9 Immunity and Infection The Body’s Defense System - Physical and chemical barriers o Gut = main hub of immune system - Immune system o Immunological defenders o Inflammatory response  Double edge sword o Immune response o Immunity o Symptoms and contagion - Immunization o Types of vaccines  Vaccine safety Allergy: body’s defense system gone haywire - Allergies result from hypersensitive and overactive immune system - Allergens = substances that provoke allergies - Most allergic reaction due to production of special type of antibody (immunoglobulin (IgE)) - Strategies to deal with allergies include…. o Avoidance o Medication  Nose rise with saline system  Clears nose and cleanse where histamine can’t get  Oregano oil (one of strongest organic antibiotics), zinc o Immunotherapy Bacteria - Pneumonia - Meningitis - Strep throat and other streptococcal infections o Can break off and go into heart so has to be treated  Hurts not even when swallowing - Toxic shock syndrome and other staphylococcal infections - Tuberculosis - Tick-borne infections - Ulcers o First thought it was caused by diet but actually bacterial infection - Other bacterial infections o Toxic shock syndrome = tampons - Antibiotics o Naturally occurring and synthetic substances o Action: interrupt production of new bacteria by damaging some part of their reproductive cycle or by causing faulty parts of new bacteria to be made o Antibiotic resistance: misused or overused and pathogens become resistant to their effects  b/c of this, if given prescription have to finish it Viruses - Lack all enzymes essential to energy production and protein synthesis in normal animal cells - Can’t grow or reproduce themselves - Hard because can’t treat with antibiotics o Cold and flu can just be treated with rest o Suck energy out of you o Eat liquids o Medicine keeps bacteria in body  Reduce symptoms but makes it harder to wash out bacteria - Take what they need for growth and reproduction from cells they invade o Parasites - Cause illnesses known as contagious diseases - Common cold
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