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Lecture 7

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Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Lecture 7 Cardiovascular Health Cardiovascular Disease - Affects nearly 120,000 Canadians - Heart disease and stroke surpass cancer as leading cause of death o Claim one life every 7 minutes o Most common life-threatening manifestations of CVD o Can occur at any age - Heart attack = number 1 killer of Canadian women o Because women experience symptoms that aren’t traditionally realized as heart attack symptoms  Ex. headache, vomit, back ache - CVD largely due to way of life Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease - 2 categories of increased risk of CVD o Major risk factors  Those that can be changed  Tobacco use  High blood pressure  High cholesterol  Physical inactivity  Obesity  Diabetes o Contributing risk factors High Blood Pressure - Hypertension o Risk factor for many forms of CVD o Too much force exerted against arterial wall o Physical activity and changing diet can reduce this o Inflammation  Huge contributor to disease in body  Can affect blood pressure  Diet like sugar and fat can cause inflammation - Causes o Atherosclerosis  Arteries become clogged and narrowed o Scarred and/or hardened arteries o Weakened and enlarged heart - Health Risks o Silent killer  don’t know you have it until get heart attack or stroke  Genetics and environment can contribute o Primary hypertension  Caused by genetics environment, lifestyle o Secondary hypertension  Caused by underlying illness - Prevalence o 20% Canadian adults have hypertension  Only 66% have it controlled o 20% of Canadian adults have prehypertension o Incidence increase with age, oral contraceptive use, First Nations Canadian adults, African and South Asian descent - Treatment o Can’t be cured but can be controlled o Have blood pressure tested once every two years High Cholesterol - Cholesterol = fatty, wax-like substance that circulate through bloodstream - Important component of o Cell membrane o Sex hormone o Vitamin D o Fluid that coat lungs o Protective sheaths around nerves - Excessive amounts clog artery and increase risk of CVD Good vs Bad Cholesterol - Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) o Bad cholesterol o Shuttle cholesterol from liver to organs and tissues - High-density lipoproteins (HDL) o Good cholesterol o Shuttle unused cholesterol back to liver for recycling o If there is more than body can use, put in blood vessels  So want to assess the vessels themselves instead of amount of cholesterol Cholesterol Myths - Fat and cholesterol NOT cause of heart disease - Cholesterol test not good predictor of risk o More accurate predictor – LDL particle number - High cholesterol due to insulin and leptin resistance Major Risk Factors that Can’t be Changed - Heredity o CVD has genetic component which lead to increases in cholesterol levels, blood clotting, and obesity - Aging o Over age of 65 - Being male o Men have higher risk earlier in life - Ethnicity o African Americans have higher risk of hypertension o Hispanics have greater risk of HBP and angina o Asians have lower risk of CVD - Inflammation and C-reactive protein Major forms of Ca
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