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Lecture 14

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Chapter 17 Aging Aging - Process of becoming older o Genetically determined o Greatly affected by one’s environment - Normal process of development that occurs through life - Optimizing wellness during young adulthood allow you to exert greater control over physical and mental aspect of aging Aging and Life Expectancy - Life expectancy = average length of time we expect to live - Health span: how long you can live healthy - Lifespan: how long you can live - Life in An Aging Canada - Aging baby bloomers o So don’t know if theres going to be enough rooms in nursing home  So now a lot of people saving up so they can be taken care of at home - Increase in aging population – affecting our stereotype of what it means to grow old - Financial security of older adults and retirees - Health services and professionals for older adults Family and Community Resources - Family involvement in caregiving - Other living and care options - Community resources - Transportation - Government Aid - Financial well-being essential component of health, wellness and security - Federal government help older Canadian through several program o Old Age Security pension o Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension plan - Funds depleted quickly because of baby bloomers Generating Vitality as You Age - Physical and Mental changes occur gradually - Successful aging requires preparation - People need to establish good health habits in teens and twenties o Smartest at 29 What happens as we age? - Many characteristics due to neglect and abuse of our body and minds - Life-Enhancing Measures: Age-proofing - Challenge mind o Older adults who stay mentally active have lower risk of developing dementia  Sudoku a good way - Develop physical fitness o Enhance both psychological and physical health - Eat wisely o Eat varied diet full of nutrient-rich food o Follow recommendation in Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide - Regular exercise
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