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Lecture 11

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Chapter 11 Healthy Sexuality Female Sex organs - Women pee more because women have pressure on bladder form uterus - Uterus = size of fist - If on pill, don’t ovulate Male Sex organs Circumcision - Glans – highly sensitive, important component in sexual arousal - ~9% of newborn males in Canada - Some suggest promote cleanliness and reduce risk of urinary tract infections in newborns and risk of STIs in later life - Opponents of circumcision state it is an unnecessary surgical procedure that cause pain and put baby at risk for complications o When circumcised become more sensitive because lose barrier around penis - Hormones and Reproductive Life Cycle - Testes create androgens - Ovaries create estrogens and progestin o First day of period – estrogen released o Progestin kick in when ready to ovulate o When ovulating, cervical mucus turn more egg whitey - Adrenal glands produce androgens in males and females o Ex. testosterone - Pituitary gland regulate hormone of testes, ovaries, and adrenal gland - Hypothalamus control hormones of pituitary gland Female Sexual Maturation - Puberty: period of biological maturation during adolescence - Physical changes include breast development, rounding of hips and buttocks - Beginning of menstrual cycle or menarche = major landmark of puberty Menstrual problems - Dysmenorrhea: painful or problematic menstruation - Premenstrual tension, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) o All vary in severity of symptoms o Appear before onset of menses and disappear within few days after start of menstruation - Strategies to provide relief o Limit salt intake o Exercise o Don’t use alcohol or tobacco o Eat a nutritious diet o Relax Male Sexual Maturation - Testicular growth = first obvious sign - Change in voice - Increase in size - Wet dream - Growth of pubic and facial hair - More muscle mass - Testosterone released at higher rate Aging and Human Sexuality - Changes in hormone production and sexual functioning occur as we age - Menopause occurs in women when ovaries cease to function and menstruation stops - To alleviate symptoms of menopause and reduce risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, use hormone therapy o Thought to increase risk of some health conditions o Now have bioidentical hormones  Can reduce risk of certain cancers  Rubbed on - Between 35-65, men experience gradual decline in testosterone o Refer to male menopause or andropause o Amount of sperm doesn’t change - After 38, quality and quantity of eggs decrease - IVF: take egg out, take sperm out, combine then put in female - IUI: female put on hormones to create 3 eggs, then sperm injected right up in uterus Sexual Functioning - Sexual stimulation o Physical stimulation (men) o Psychological stimulation (women) - Sexual response cycle o Excitement  Foreplay o Plateau  Extension of excitement o Orgasm  When body contracts  Men- semen o Resolution Sexual Problems - Common in women = o Vaginitis o Endometriosis (when endometrial lining grows in other places than uterus) o Pelvic inflammatory disease - In men o Prostatitis o Chronic prostatitis o Testicular cancer - Sexual dysfunction: disturbance in sexual desire, performance, or satisfaction o Men – erectile dysfunction  Premature ejaculation  Retarded ejaculation o Female – lack of desire to have sex  Failure to become physically aroused  Failure to have orgasm  Pain during sexual contact o Treatment: find medical cause  Side effect of alcohol and prescription drugs  Use of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction  Masturbation for orgasmic dysfunction in women Sexual Orientation - Heterosexuality - Same-sex attr
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