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Lecture 16

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Lecture 19 Conventional and Complimentary Medicine Self-Care - Self-Assessment o Symptoms often appear because body’s attempting to heal itself o Carefully observe symptoms let you identify those signals that suggest you need professional assistance Knowing When to See Physician - See physician for symptoms you describe as o Severe o Unusual o Persistent o Recurrent - Emergencies include the following o Major trauma or injury o Uncontrollable bleeding o Intolerable/uncomfortable pain o Severe shortness of breath o Persistent abdominal pain o Poisoning or drug overdose o Loss of consciousness or seizure o Stupor, drowsiness, or disorientation o Severe or worsening reaction to an insect bite or sting or to medication Professional Care - Complementary and Alternative medicine o Therapies and practices that don’t form part of conventional or mainstream health care and medical practices as taught in most Canadian medical schools and offered in most Canadian hospitals - Most commonly used CAM therapies o Relaxation techniques o Herbal medicine o Massage o Chiropractic - Consumer turn to CAM for large variety of purposes related to health and well-being o Usually turn because modern ones aren’t working o Studies show people with chronic conditions more likely to try CAM - Practices are controversial and individuals need to be aware of safety issues o CAM is far more individualized so cant really find evidence that it does work - In Canada, CAM products regulated by Health Canada’s Natural Health Products division Conventional Medicine - Premises and assumptions of conventional (standard western) medicine o Western medicine: belief that disease is caused by identifiable physical factors and unhealthy lifestyle o Based on scientific method of obtaining knowledge  Empirical  Rational  Testable  Parsimonious (short and sweet)  General  Rigorously evaluated  Tentative Providers of Conventional Medicine - 5 Basic principles of Canada Health act o Universally available o Comprehensive services o Accessibility o Portable o Publicly administered Getting Most out of Medical Care (Questions to ask when looking at internet health information) - Who runs for the site? Who pays for the site? - What is purpose of site? - Where does the information come from? - What is the basis of information? - How is it selected? - How current is information? - How does site choose links to other sties? - What information about you does this site collect and why? - How does the site manage its in
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