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Health and Nutrition for Infants

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Bert Carron

White 1 Developing countriesnonbreastfed Health and Nutrition for Infants The infants have increased diarrhea Benefits of Breastfeeding respiratory disease main causes of infant death The BasicsUSAformula feds increased riskSpecies specific mother makes milk that isHelps with Weight Management suited to her babys requirements for growthNot breastfeeding increased risk of and development overweightUltimate superfood only single food forIncreased breastfeeding duration humans that can independently sustain life for associated with decreased obesity the first 6 months after birthBetter Temperature and Respiratory RegulationProvides all of the fluid and nutrients necessaryBottle feedingincreased risk forProtects infant from bacteriaviruses that the physiological instability mother contactsOxygen saturation and body tempAdapts to age of infant found to be significantly decreased inComposition changes in early postpartum breastfed babies who were bottle fed vs period from the most nutrient dense colostrum breastfed contains antibodies that help protect theDecreased Pain newbornto mature milkNot breastfeeding increased infantsWHO says to exclusively feed infants for 6 response to pain months with breast milk then introduceAnalysis of 11 studies showed that both
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