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Life and Debt Video Notes

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Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Questions on the film “Life and Debt”, by Stephanie Black, 2001 Key Characters in Film (in order of appearance) - 3 religious leaders sitting around the fire - Michael Manley, Former Prime Minister - Stanley Fisher, Deputy Director, International Monetary Fund - Dr. Michael Witner, Professor of Economics, University of West Indies - David Coore, Former Minister of Finance, Jamaica - Jean-BertandAristide, President of Haiti Some Definitions Subsidies – financial aid from government, to support business for example Tariff – duties or charges placed on imports or exports When did Jamaica gain independence from the British empire? What proportion of each dollar collected by the Jamaican government was being paid against debt? And how much was left for other government programs (like health, education)? Consider what this means for the social determinants of health? What examples of globalization can y
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