Health Sciences 1001A/B Lecture Notes - Unnatural Causes, Myocardial Infarction

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HS1000 - Questions on Film Series “Unnatural Causes”, “In Sickness and In Wealth”, Thursday Jan 28,
1 .Where does the US rank in life expectancy, compared to other countries?
2 .On average, how much longer do college graduates live compared to high school graduates?
2.5 times
3. How does social class “get under the skin”? What is the relationship between stress and health?
What kinds of studies help to support this relationship?
Control of destiny the ability to influence the events of your life—living in a community where its not
safe to go out—job insecurity –having little control of one’s life as a result of poverty
The stress response- stress hormones-cortical- increases heart rate ect
4. What is the relationship between demand and control in the workplace?
These systems begin to work overtime it can inhibit memory can cause brain to shrink decrease immune
something…increases increase rates in disease ,faster aging process. Negative effects on cells and tissues. Auto
immune deficiencies
Less stress,better immune function
More likely to experience high blood pressure which doesn’t go back down as expected during sleep
occupations that require more demands often have less control in their workplace.
5. Food for thought: Why do you think this film series called “Unnatural Causes”?
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