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Health Sciences 1001A/B Lecture Notes - Food Bank, Welfare, Neoliberalism

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

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Questions on Film: “Life Under Mike”
To be shown in class on Feb 4/2010
What were the main features of the “Common Sense Revolution”?
mike harris
letting large companies
What were the effects of neoliberal policies on:
Social assistance rates for the poor?
diminished by 21%
Tax rates on corporations?
cut down 30 %
Use of food banks?
children were half, over half of them were living in hostels
Prosperity of local economies in low-income neighborhoods?
Evictions and applications for subsidized housing?
Job losses and job security?
Labour inspection & illegal work practices?
Why do you think the film maker chose to include the scene with the “food
guy” at Queen’s Park?
-queens park food guy: chose any kind of food, show the polarization in a
community where some have to find for food and others have the ability to s choose
what they want to eat. The differences between individuals in the same community
-the SCABS got fired
-vagrancy act, makes it illegal to be poor
-taking money from the working class and contributing it to large companies
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