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Notes from 1001 B health science class by prof Shauna Burke. Word to word notes. Attended every class!

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Ch 2Psychological health 1172012 70300 PM Read pages 3263Psychological health mental emotional social and spiritual dimensions of Encompasses the healthWhat is Psychological HealthIT IS NOTCANNOT BEPsychological normality Normalclose to average If ppl seem normal doesnt mean that they have no mental illnesses or they cant get mentally ill Psychosocial diversity is valuable Determined on the basis of symptoms of emotionsEg anxiety sadnessDetermined from the way ppl lookIT ISThe absence of mental sickness Eg if someone doesnt have a clinical disorder doesnt mean that they are psychologically healthy Negative definitionNarrowThe presence of mental illnessPositive definitionBroadwe like this definition bc its a positive definitionAlso psychological illnesses are very broadFulfillment of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Described an ideal of mental healthStudied individuals who lived full livesAdvanced a hierarchy of needs in order of urgencypsychological needsmost urgent When urgent needs are satisfied less urgent needs take less priosity Studies show that many creative ppl go through psychological illnesseswhat actually is the fact that we just see famous ppl on TV publizing these mental problems In actuality mental illnesses are just prevelant Those who make it to the top of the needs hierarchy achieve selfactualization Selfactualized individualspsychologically healthy indiCharacterized by several specific qualities 1 Acceptanceaccept the fact of who they are they value their worth 2 Autonomy have control of your own life not ashamed to be themselves 3 Capacity for intimacyshare their emotions with other ppl receive emotions as well4 Creativityopen to new experiences selfactualizationCan We ReachAn ideal to strive forCannot redo the past eg childhood past experiences etcMust concentrate onOur past shapes us but we cannot liner over the past and focus on the present tasksCharacteristics of a psychologically Healthy Individual 1Feel comfortable about themselves experience the full range of humanemotions but are not overcome by them2Interact with others are able to give and receive love have satisfying relationships3Able to meet the demands of life respond appropriately to problems accept responsibility establish realistic goals 4 Striking a balance in all aspects of your life sometimes you are out of balance but what matters is how we handle it
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