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Health and exercise psychology
Article came up with 6 conclusions:-
a) adults and university students prefer to exercise with others but outside of a
structured class setting, although adults also equally prefer to exercise completely
(b) context does not appear to play a large role in the propensity to meet
recommended guidelines for aerobic physical activity;
(c) Theoretical propositions support social contexts as superior to individual
(d) Adherence to physical activity programs is superior in social contexts;
(e) Social support is a strong correlate of sustained physical activity; and
(f) Protocols adopted in other areas attempting to promote behavioral change
suggest that social contexts are superior.
- Physical exercise helps increase bone density, improve cardiovascular health,
maintain a healthy weight, build muscle.
- About 20 50% of adults begin a program and then withdraw within 6 months.
- retaining active lifestyle is one of the most understudied subjects.
- Common context for physical activity is group-based or individual based.
1. Adults on their 40s preferred to work out on their own or working out ouside
with peers in an unstructured workout.
- Young uni male and female preferred working out with others outside a
structured class.
- Females preferred working out alone least preferable, but males liked it
the most.
2. Showed that many university students met the 30 min requirement by the
CDC/ACSM by doing more than one type of workouts “variety of contexts”.
- Some did cover this requirement by just doing one context of workout,
but we can guess that they probably fulfill this by being with their friends
in a outside of a structured setting.
3. Self-determination theory humans have a need for relatedness to connect
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