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Sugar article notes
- Population of low and middle-class ppl are living longer, which means they
are more susceptible to chronic disease.
- 40% of normal ppl get metabolic disease such as, diabetes, hypertension,
lipid prblems.
- Consumption of sugar has tripled
Sugar is…
1. Unavoidable
2. Toxic causes liver damage, diabetes and so on
3. Abuse or addictive
4. Sugar affects society 75% of health care funds are spend on treating
metabolic diseases in our society.
- taxing, distribution control and putting an age limit on sugar
- zoning to control outlets of fast-food joints, vending machines, instead put
more grocery stores.
- Limit sales during school hours.
- Ban commercial that advertise products with added sugar. Eg: San Fran
banned added toys with unhealthy foods.
- Reduce high-con fructose in foods and overall added sugar in foods.
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