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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Chapter 5Nutrition Basics 2262012 14500 PMDiet and NutritionAn area in which you have increased control Provides body with nutrients requiredto produce energy repair damaged tissue promote tissue growth regulate physiological processes Choosing a healthy diet involves1Knowing which nutrients are necessary and in which amounts2Translating those requirements into a diet consisting of foods you like and that are availableaffordableNutritional requirementsBody requires proteins fats carbohydrates vitamins minerals and waterESSENTIAL NUTRIENT Essentialmust get substances from because body is unable to manufacture them or not enough to meet physiological needs Body obtains nutrients through digestionEnergy in food expressed in kilocaloriesscientific expression of the energy values of a foodThree classes of essential nutrients supply Energy Fat 9 calories per gramProtein4 calories per gramCarbohydrates4 calories per gramIf all types of caloriesenergyneedsconverted to fat and stored in the body Protein Found in every living cellPromotes growth and maintenance of body tissuePrimary component of muscle and connective tissuesForm important parts of blood enzymes some hormones and cell membranes
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