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Breast Cancer
About Shannon Larsen 1981 -2005
- She was misdiagnosed
- She had inflammatory breast cancer ( in her bearst directly)
- Ususally breast cancer starts in the lung
- It likes to spread to the bones, brain, lungs and liver.
- Shannon had a cancer that only 5% of people get
- Men testicular cancer.
Rick factors of breast cancer
- being a female the older you get, the greater the risk
- Being born in North America
- 1 % of breast cancer does occur in males
- if you have a high level of radiation, puts you at a high risk for cancer
- If you start your menstrual cycle before 12, can put you at a higher risk.
- Even after menopause, it puts women at a higher rick facter
- Birth control
- Strong family history 5% 10% chance
- Breast cancer 1 and brest cancer 2
- If you have family history your doctor will follow you more closely.
- Never breast feeding your baby, puts you at higher risk
- Alcohol misuse
- Stay physically active helps to maintain a healthy weight
- Do not use tobacco
- Good diet
- Some studies show being too thin or being too fat increases the risk of cancer
- Incidences are rising and there is no treatment
- Breast thickening happen over time
- Puckeringo of the breast looks like an orange peel
- Swelling/ pain inflammatory cancer
- Leaking or discharge from the nipples
- choose a healthy life do not smoke, watch alcohol intake and so on
- know your body and look for changes
- Excessive bruising is assign of cancer leukemia
- Lump in the neck
- Bone pain bone cancer
- Get your breasts checled regularly
- Check it once a month after your period
- Do it at the same time in the month
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