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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Breast Cancer About Shannon Larsen 1981 2005 She was misdiagnosedShe had inflammatory breast cancerin her bearst directlyUsusally breast cancer starts in the lung It likes to spread to the bones brain lungs and liverShannon had a cancer that only 5 of people getMen testicular cancerRick factors of breast cancerbeing a femalethe older you get the greater the riskBeing born in North America1of breast cancer does occur in malesif you have a high level of radiation puts you at a high risk for cancerIf you start your menstrual cycle before 12 can put you at a higher riskEven after menopause it puts women at a higher rick facterBirth controlStrong family history510 chanceBreast cancer 1 and brest cancer 2If you have family historyyour doctor will follow you mo
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