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1001 B Health science terms (Ch. 8,14,15, 20)
Chapter 8 - Cancer
- tumour a mass of tissue that seves no physiological purpose; also called
- Benign tumor a mass of tissue that is not cancerous
- Malignant tumor a mass of tissue that is cancerous and capable of
- Biopsy the removal and examination of a small piece of body tissue; a
needle biopsy uses a needle to remove a small sample, but some biopsies
require surgery.
- Metastasis the spread of cancer cells from one part of the body to another.
- Staging a method of classifying the progress or extent of a cancer in a
- Carcinoma cancer that originates in epithelial tissue (skin, glands and lining
of internal organs).
- Epithelia tissue that covers a surface of lines a tube or cavity of the body,
enclosing and protecting other parts of the body.
- Sarcoma cancer arising from bone, cartilage or striated muscle.
- Lymphoma a tumor originating from lymphatic tissue.
- Leukemia cancer of the blood or the blood-forming cells.
- Bone marrow soft vascular tissue in the interior cavities of bones that
produces blood cells.
- Oncologist a medical specialist in the study of tumors.
- Hematologist a medical specialist in the study of blood disorders, including
caners, such as leukemia and lymphoma.
- Chemotherapy the treatment of cancer with chemicals that selectively
destroy canerous cells.
- Remission a period during the course of cancer in which there are no
syptoms or other evidence of disease.
- Polyp a small, usually harmless, mass of tissue that projects from he inner
surface of a mucous membrane, such as the colon or rectum.
- Mammogram low-dose X-ray of the breast use to check early signs of breast
- Ultrasound an imaging method in which sound waves are bounced off body
structures to create an image on a TV monitor; also called ultrasound.
- Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test a diagnostic test for prostate
caner that measures blood levels of prostate specific antigen.
- Pap test a scaping of the cells from the cervix for examination under a
microscope to detect cancer.
- Incontinence the inability to control the flow of urine.
- Melanoma a malignant tumor of the skin that arises from pigmented cells,
usually a mole.
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