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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Chapter 3Stress The Constant challenge1282012 112500 AM What is Stress Stress refers to 1 Situations that trigger physical and emotional reactionsSTRESSORS 2 The reactions themselvesSTRES RESPONSE STRESSthe general physical and emotional state that accompanies the stress response1 Effective strategies to decrease the level of stress caused by the academic demands of uni 2 Freedomrelief or source of stressdo you find on your own stressfulgood or bad stress 3 Other sources of stress living on your own going out to laundry 4 Stress releifexercise having ppl to talk too Response to StressorsThe primary determinant of the health consequences of stress is how the individual responds to the stress Responses to stressors include 1 physical changes 2 emotional and behavioural responses Physical Responses to Stressors Two control systems are responsible for the physical response to stressors to stressors 1 nervous system2 emotional systemNervous System
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