Health Sciences 1001A/B Lecture Notes - Peer Pressure, Distilled Beverage, Alcohol By Volume

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HealthSci Lecture Review Notes
Movie: Death by Alcohol
Alcohol is killing many university students each year
Most drinking in university is safe and legal, but the line is blurry
Sam Spady died from alcohol
o She was a high school cheerleading captain and class president
o She didn’t party very much, and had a part-time job
o Decided to attend Colorado University
o Was considering taking over her father’s car dealership and switched into a business
o When Colorado University and Colorado State play each other in football, there are
many parties and keggers
o Sam was partying and started binge drinking vanilla vodka between 12-3am at a frat
o She fell backwards and stumbled
o Some of the frat boys put her on a couch to sleep it off
o They assumed she was fine and never checked on her
o She was found by a boy and his mother 12 hours later, dead on the floor
o She had a 0.43 blood alcohol level
o Her death has been blamed on her decision to drink too much
o The Sam Spady foundation was created to educate students about drinking
Sam’s childhood friend, Kelly Doyle stated:
o Most females are insecure, so drinking and getting with guys gets them props
o Flavoured vodka is a very common drink
o Also, drinking to the point of throwing up is common
o There is a belief that drinking hard liquor will not make you fat like beer
Many college students are not used to the environment and fall into peer pressure
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