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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

HealthSci Lecture Review Notes Chapter 20  Intentional injury – when harm is purposely inflicted  Unintentional injury – when harm is not intended o Example: motor vehicle crashes, falls, drowning, fires, etc. o Leading causing of death in Canada for people under age 44 o Account for more years of potential life lost than any other cause of death  Motor vehicle crashes are the most common causes of injury o Distractions are common causes of motor vehicle crashes  Example: cell phones  Basic guidelines for seat belts and air bags: o Place infants in rear-facing seats in the back seat o Place children age 12 and under in the back seat o Always use seat belts and keep 25cm between your chest and the airbag  Falls are more common among women than men  Most fires begin in the living room, kitchen or bedroom  Suffocation was the leading cause of death for Canadian infants under 1 year of age  The Heimlich manoeuvre is the safest thing to do when an adult is choking o You should never hit someone on the back or give them a drink when they are choking  Leisure injuries – unintentional injuries that occur in public places o Includes most sport and recreation deaths and injuries  Work injuries – unintentional injuries that arise out of and in the course of gainful work o Example: falls, electrical shocks, burns, cuts, etc. o Blue-collar workers tend to account for the majority of work-related injuries and illnesses o Workers in manufacturing, construction and transport had the highest levels of injuries o Workers in the financial sector had the lowest levels of injuries o Workplace (ergonomic) hazards include equipment desig
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