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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Jessica Polzer

Whitehall Study (1967)  Study of 18,000 civil servants (male government workers) aged 35-55 - Administry type positions - Similar working environments  Main findings: - Focused on CVD - The more senior you are in the employment hierarchy the longer you will live, and the less likely you will die from CVD. - Class 5 is the lowest level (unskilled labour) - Class 1 is the highest level (manager) - Lowest class had a mortality rates that was 3 times higher then that of the highest employment grade. - Mortality rates increased gradually as you went down through the different grades. - Also found an increase in morbidity, mortality, and risk of high risk behaviours for the following: cancer, lung disease, depression, suicide, smoking, obesity, lower levels of physical activity in employees of the lower grades. - Even with high risk behaviours, the higher grades only had 2 times the risk of CVD. Myths: 1. People in high executive positions have more heart attacks because of their stress levels (not true) 2.Poor health is only for people in poverty, for people who are a disadvantage to society. (not true) Black Report (1980)  1977 – Sir Douglas Black commissioned by federal government (UK) to write report investigating why NHS had failed to reduce inequalities in heal
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