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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

HS 1002a - Class 6 - Tuesday, Sept. 25 Questions on Film Series “Unnatural Causes”, Episode: In Sickness and In Wealth 1 .Where does the US rank in life expectancy, compared to other countries? 30 th 2 .On average, how much longer do college graduates live compared to high school graduates? 2.5 times longer than high school graduates 3. How does social class “get under the skin”? What is the relationship between stress and health? What kinds of studies help to support this relationship? • Whitehall study found that the lower you are on the ladder in terms of your job the higher the chances of the death rate • Social class is a big influence on how long you live • Social class gets under the skin, by this ability of us to say we have control of our lives • When stressed adrenal gland secretes cortisol which speeds up heart rate and other stuff in order for us to survive • Chronically cortisol can inhibit memory, inhibit the immune system and etc • Long term stress release cortisol which over a long time can damage brain cells and decrease brain function • African-Americans die earlier amongst all the socio-economic quintiles WHY? 4. What is the relationship between demand and control in the workplace? • Less demand more control = less stress higher life expectancy • More demand less control = more stress and lower life expectancy 5. Food for thought: Why do you think this film series called “Unnatural Causes”? The title is unnatural causes because these causes of early death or shorter life expectancy is not dependent on our genes or your ability to receive “health care” but the overall social determinants of health. These social determinants are not natural they are caused by our societal structure and as such are unnatural causes This film takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, a small city with approximately 7,000,000 residents. There are 26 council districts (neighbourhoods) in Louisville, Kentucky. As noted in the film, each of these neighbourhoods has a distinct socioeconomic environment and health profile. Four neighbourhoods are featured in the film: council district 16, 24, 21 and 5. Use the following questions and table to compare the socioeconomic environments and health profiles of these neighbourhoods. District 16 District 24 Dist
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