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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Ahmad KhanOct 2 2012 HS 1002aClass 8Tuesday Oct 2 Questions on Film Life Under MikeWhat were the main features of the Common Sense Revolution1995 conservative government was elected in Ontario Premised on the belief that business should be allowed to operate unregulated Mike Harris dismantled old Ontario within days he cut social assistance to the poor by 20 and taxes as well The government will support businesses with fewer taxes and fewer barriers for economic growth Part 2 of the revolution was to shift control to the employers rather than the employee act to create balance in the work place Final phase was deregulation business would have to monitor themselves in terms of health and job securityWhat were the effects of neoliberal policies onSocial assistance rates for the poorMike Harris cut social assistance by 20 within his first year in office in OntarioTax rates on corporationsReduced due to the belief of less regulation would lead to more economic growth and thus more jobs This was definitely not the case due to companies making more
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