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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

HS1002A – Social Determinants of Health Guiding Questions for Who’s Counting: Women and Economics, from Who’s Counting: Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics, National Film Board of Canada, 1995 WoTerms: United Nations System of National Accounts - an international standard system of national accounts, the aim of which is to provide a national profile of economic activity and to enable international comparisons of all significant economic activity. Subsistence Production/Agriculture – self-sufficient farming in which farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their families  What are main points/arguments made by Waring? - Household work that women do (including producing and raising children) are invisible (they are not recorded or recognized by the government, women are not paid for essentially being "house wives"). - System is designed to only recognize money. There is no venue to unpaid work. - Work of non – primary producers who are bearing and raising children –> most work women do are of little or no importance in society.  Why is women’s invisibility in macro-economic systems a problem for Waring? If you are invisible (as some women are) you would be invisible when it came to the redistribution of benefits ("a system cannot respond to values to which it does not recognize").  What are “time use surveys”? Why are these tools important for policymakers, according to Waring? - They were conducted in Pakistan (first study) and they compare the use of time between men and women. Women spend most of their time cooking and these surveys make the work that women do visible. Warning
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