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Whos counting film

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

HS1002ASocial Determinants of Health Guiding Questions for Whos Counting Women and Economics from Whos Counting Marilyn Waring on Sex Lies and Global Economics National Film Board of Canada 1995 WoTerms United Nations System of National Accountsan international standard system of national accounts the aim of which is to provide a national profile of economic activity and to enable international comparisons of all significant economic activitySubsistence ProductionAgricultureselfsufficient farming in which farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their familiesWhat are main pointsarguments made by Waring Air getting worse education systems are failing increase in poverty more homelessness more housing crisisRural conservative white wealthy men run the governmentsHer nononsense approach to parliamentary politics earned her a lot of respect and attention earlysecond term appointed chair person of the public expenditure committee where she criticised effectiveness of controls on government spendingaccounta
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