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Not Just a Paycheck Film

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

HS1002ASocial Determinants of Health Guiding Questions for Not Just a Paycheck Episdode 7 of Unnatural Causes There are 3 themes explored in this film1 Layoffs unemployment and job insecurity have a negative effect on health 2 Public policies that provide a social safety net can buffer unemployed workers and their families from economic disruptions and uncertainties that affect health 3 Societies that take a were all in this together approach to policy have better health outcomes than those that leave individuals and communities to fend for themselves The overarching question that should guide your viewing of the film is When a Swedishowned company closed manufacturing plants in Greenville Michigan and Vastervik Sweden why did the health of Greenville residents quickly deteriorate while health outcomes in Vastervik remained steady Specific questions to help you with the overarching questionWhy did Electrolux close its Greenville and Vastervik plants What was the impact on workers in each community How did they copeIn a global economy corporations move capital at breathtaking speed to maximize profit for shareholders Electrolux is a multinational corporation based in Sweden The company has also moved plants from western to eastern Europe in pursuit of the cheapest labor Moving the Greenville plant to Mexico will add 81 million dollars a year to the corporate bottom line Good news for shareholders many of whom are already in the upper income bracketsA lot of people are left behind And when theyre left behind theyre left behind with really diminished lives and with a whole array of health
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