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Race, The Power of an Illusion Film

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Health Sciences
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Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

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HS 1002aClass 12Tuesday Oct 16 Questions on FilmRace The Power of an Illusion Today we will watch 2 excerpts from 2 episodes of the series Race The Power of an Illusion The first episode is called The Difference Between Us and examines whether or not there is scientific evidence for what we have come to understand as racial differences The second episode is called The Story we Tell and examines the historical and political processes that led to construction of race and racial hierarchies in the United StatesThere are 3 general questions that you should keep in mind while watching these films below Episode 1 The Difference Between Us What evidence is provided that race has no biological basisThe idea of race assumes that simple external differences rooted in biology are linked to more internal complexes such as athletics music ability ectWe cant find any genetic markers that are in everybody of a particular race no genetic markers that define raceThrough comparing blood and saliva swabs ect With people of different racesbut there arent its a biological mythRace in not based on biology but an idea we subscribe as biology Genetically speaking are humans similar or dissimilar as a species Are fruit flies more or less genetically similar than humans Are you surprised by this Why Why notGenetically we as humans are the most similar among all speciesFruit flies are less genetically similar than humansOnly one out of every thousand nucleotides that make up our genetic code is different one individual from another And these fruit flies Ten times more difference Any two fruit flies may be as different genetically from each other as a human is from a chimpanzeeEpisode 2 The Story we Tell Howwas the construction of the idea of race related to social political and economic processes What do you think about this Thomas Jeffersons words wanted to keep slavery but also preached d
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