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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

exam material ends on last weeks stuff life with mile has to do with neoloberalism. about there being no jobss food guide and the food ak situation. replacement workers after a strike are able to be hired. hired through temorary agency (no benefits) social graiant has to do with the socioeconomic status, social inequalities ae poduced over time. different groups depend how resousces are sead out over time. (2 groups of economic ppl high income ppl want dignity and lower class want more basics) so the groups come together to make a better representation of te economic-status. the hired workers are solidary example. (called social relations). SES (measued by one or more of the SDH stated) produced by economic equity. 1. economic inequalities 2. political influence 3. historical influences 4. gender inequalities 5. social exclusion state can wosen or eleviate the social conditions. gov't can like fo instance if u lose ur job theres back up. things interact!! all lead to social exclusion intersectionality class and race and gender intersect for social exclusion. gender intersects with many other factos gender paadox- women are sicker but men die quicker -why? women health shouldn't be based on biological difference women complain more of illness but men are independent feminist analysis links personal experiences (eg. of heath) to political process (ex distribution of power along gender lines) there are loads of sterotypes of feminists. sex vs. gender sex> biological difference gender> socially constructed (produced) differences reading one is not born but rather becomes a women. hermaphadite there are kids with both parts. gender roles>appropriate for men and women in a given society biologigical differences need not
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