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HealthSci 1002 Lecture Note - Colonization and the Embodiment of Inequity.docx

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Colonization and the Embodiment of Inequity - The Aboriginal population is very diverse (many groups and locations) - Native population decreased from virgin soil epidemics (diseases that they did not have the ability to fight) due to extended contact with the Europeans and colonization - High infant mortality rates, high disease rates (high tuberculosis and diabetes), accidental death, and suicides are much more common in the Aboriginal communities - Life expectancy is much lower for the Aboriginal population - Aboriginals have much higher rates of alcohol and drug abuse - Example: Pikangikum First Nation has huge problems with suicides, substance abuse and health because they are isolated, have terrible living conditions, lack of resources, and their culture - To create healthy communities, they need control over education, health services, land, authority services (police and fire) and self gov’t, also they need cultural facilities - HIV rates are much higher among First Nation’s people - Gaps in elementary and high school rates between Native and Canadians have decreased - Gaps in university rates between Native and Canadians have increased - Although, on reserve rates of h
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