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HealthSci 1002 Lecture Note - Exploring the links between racism and health.docx

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Exploring the links between racism and health - There are inequalities in health between groups of ‘races’ (racial gradient) - Healthy Immigrant Effect: new immigrants to the USA often show better health indicators than their US born counterparts, once people immigrate to the US, their health indicators decrease as they live in the US longer - Example: African Americans with the same education level as other races have higher infant mortality rates (as infant mortality increases, educational level decreases) and no matter what education level Asian and Hispanic people have, the infant mortality is still low - Race: a social and political construct that is used to distinguish between and rank different groups of people on the basis of physical characteristics (such as skin colour) - Example: the belief of ‘the salt gene’ that causes hypertension in African-Americans from the seawater while being shipped overseas as slaves (not correct – Oprah) - The idea of race is constructed by political and economic processes - Example: the declaration of independence states that all men are equal, so it did not consider African-Americans or slaves as human, so they were inferior - Example: policies created by the gov’t to assimilate Natives into the European culture - Racism: set of beliefs and practices that assert the superiority of one racial group over another - Structural Racism: operates at an institutional level and involves the policies and processes that
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