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HealthSci 1002 Lecture Note - Human Rights as a Framework for Health.docx

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Human Rights as a Framework for Health - Human rights are universal (apply to everyone), based on values of equality, freedom, solidarity (working together for a common cause), and distinct from privilege - Rights: something is automatically granted by the gov’t and provide a legal foundation to make claims against the gov’t if your rights are violated - Rights and experiences are not always the same (ex: women have rights to get abortions, but women in PEI are not permitted) - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948): WWII prompted the rights movement because they wanted to make sure the violations that occurred during WWII would not occur again - It has 5 core notions: - Human Dignity: all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights - Nondiscrimination: all humans should have access to these rights, regardless of sex, skin colour, political affiliation, etc… - Civil & Political Rights: all humans should be free from abuses of political authority. (ex: freedom of opinion and expression) (often called negative rights because they call on the gov’t not to interfere with the basic right to associate peacefully) - Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: often called positive rights because they call on the gov’t to exercise basic rights to give
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