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HealthSci 1002 Lecture Note - Social Suffering and Structural Violence and the Politics of Philanthropy.docx

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Social Suffering & Structural Violence and The Politics of Philanthropy - The distribution of disease and suffering is not random, it varies with social and political forces - Distributive justice: fair distribution of resources, is an ethical principal, distribute resources that reflect the needs of the population - Pragmatic solidarity: working together for a common interest that guides the way the health care practice is organized - Structural violence: a form of violence which corresponds to the ways in which social structures or institutions harm people slowly by preventing them from having access to basic human needs - It is caused by social, political and economic practices and leads to conflict and direct violence (mass social suffering) - Social suffering: an extreme form of suffering that is experienced by groups or entire populations of people who experience a violation of basic human rights - It is caused by structural violence and usually affects people in poverty - Example: Acéphie lived in Haiti and due to historical forces she lived in poverty. S
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