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Health Sciences 1002A/B
Shauna Burke

Alcohol Movie3272012 82300 AM Health Canada 2004793 of Canadians reported alcohol consumption in the past year44 reported drinking weeklymales are more likely than females to drink highest drinking rates among those of ages 1824 95 of university students consume alcoholic beveragesthrough automobile crashes and other deaths alcohol is the leading cause of death among people of the ages 15 24Movie Death By AlcoholSam Spady died from alcoholBefore she left for college she had no alcohol issuesTwo boys from the frat house carried sam to the boom boom room as she lost her conscious o Her body was losing its ability to functiono Sam was not given the medical attention she needed had she gotten help she could have lived o She was found dead on the floor as a member of the frat was giving his mom a tour of the frat house o Sam had hot after shot of vodka which compacted and it hadnt metabolized rather leading to her deatho No one was assigned a blame for sams death but herselfShe poisoned her body until she diedHe death was an unintended tragedy Sams mother was the most affected by her death 14 hundred campus deaths in US each year from alcoholthe frat that Sam died in was decertified and became a Christian house the room same died in is turned into a room of meditation with bible verses on the walls Sam Spady foundation as created to make aware young students about binge drinking by her parents
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