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Lecture 4

Health Sciences 1002A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Emmett Matthew Hall, Woodrow Lloyd

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

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HS1002 - Social Determinants of Health – 2014-15
Guiding Questions for Film: “Bitter Medicine: The Birth of Medicare”, National Film
Board of Canada
What does the term “medicare” refer to? (see text)
-The universal care that Canada implements
What were the events and social conditions that influenced the development of national
health care insurance as shown in the film?
Lots of immigrants moved to Saskatchewan and took up the railroad and farming
Women movement during WWI
Farmers pooled resources to bring in municipal doctors to work among them
End of WWII
How did farmers pay for medical care before the establishment of government-funded
What is the CCF?
Cooperative Commonwealth Federation – Free healthcare for all
Who were the key players involved in the process of establishing national health care
insurance in Canada? What roles did they play in this process?
Tommy Douglas
Woodrow Lloyd
Stephen Taylor
Emmett Hall
Who supported and who resisted Medicare? Why did these individuals and groups support
or resist a publicly-funded health insurance program?
Keep Our Doctors movement (KOD) – antisocialist/anti-government movement. Wages
a fierce campaign to express their inalienable democratic rights, to say that Medicare was
a bad law (resisted Medicare)
Doctors (resisted Medicare) – Medicare would eliminate the autonomy of doctors in
medicine. Thought medical dominance would be threatened and their pay would go
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