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Jessica Polzer

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Sarah Wright 250668036 Nada Nessan Wealth versus Stress and its Affects on Health An article in the health section from the morning paper titled Health and Wealth, suggests that people with more money live longer than those who are poor. It states that rich people can afford better health care services, symbolizing that in return they will live longer. This statement however is not true. Actually, many attributes have been written about to suggest that stress levels are more aptly to cause critical illnesses. People with lower income levels have been shown to suffer from more stress due to humiliation, despair, and low societal statuses causing their life expectancy to be shorter and filled with more illnesses than those people who are rich. According to McQuaig and Brooks (2010), lower level income people suffer from humiliation by not being able to provide basic shelter, food, and clothing for their families. McQuaig and Brooks also went on to describe, not being able to provide those necessities “creates dysfunctional behavior such as higher crime rates, violence, teen pregnancy and drug abuse. Which all creates detrimental effects on health” (p.151). In the Whitehall Study, (Council of Civil Unions [CCSU], 2004) it indicates that social support and acceptance is a key factor in attaining positive health. “Negative aspects of close family and friends can also be a source of worry” (p.18). With these lower grade families it is hard for them to become truly involved in society and create positive relationships with their peers. Based on the knowledge that they are very conscious about their social appearance and the struggles they are enduring financially. This social isolation and humiliation creates yet another stressor in their lives, ultimately fueling the continuation of poor health. People suffer the feeling of despair when they are faced with poverty or low-income levels. When people are trapped in their cycle of poverty due to desperation of education or opportunity, human nature naturally, gives up hope. For example, from the film Unnatural Causes (California Newsreel, 2008), we witnessed in district 5 that members of the district were living in poverty, unemployed, and without medical coverage. As a result of their dire conditions with little or no hope they suffered severe medical conditions such as heart attacks, arthritis and hypertension. These are all conditions of health that lead to additional medical attention. Furthermore, in the Whitehall Study (CCSU, 2004)
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