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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Beloved Community – Rough Notes 6000 Years Directly south of the city of Sarnia; Made up of huge chemical corporations; St. Claire river; Solvent producers; Benzene exposure, formaldehyde, etc. Birth ratio of boys to girls had changed; twice as many girls being born as boys; endocrine disruption Chemicals act as if they were hormones (disruptors); development of the fetus is under the control of hormones; chemicals into the birthing environment will disrupt the developmental process (and differentiation of sexes) These chemicals released into environment causing abnormalities and deformities within animals/wildlife Miscarriages (relation to girl/boy ratio?) Hormonal Disruption in the life cycle; if fetus is development, profound effect on health of person as a child, or in adult life, etc. Fish with tumors; birth defects in community Animals dying from drinking contaminated river water Puppy drank from the river when pregnant: 3 puppies died right at birth due to breathing problems; major developmental probl
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