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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jeremy Roth

Muscles of The Arm 11132012 122800 PM Arm is from shoulder to the elbow and forearm is from the elbow to the wristPosterior arm works to extend the arm and extend the shoulder Anterior armcompartment works to flex the arm and the shoulderpaired musclesAnterior Brachium armmusculocutanous nervePowerful flexors of the elbowWork to flex the shoulder cross two jointsSupinates forearmBiceps cross two joints BicepsLong head originates at the supra glenoid tuberacleRuns through the biciptal groove Short head originates to the coracoid process Radial Bicipital tuberocity is on the radius insertion pointBicipital aponeurosis splits across the ulna and encapsulates other muscles in area o Significant because it is a tendenous sheath that lies across a group of muscles that encloses the heads o Helps supportsInervation of biceps is musculocutaneous nerve most muscles in this compartment are inervated by this nerveCoracobrachialis is also innervated by musculocutaneous o Origincoracoid process Insertionshaft of humerusFunctions as elbow and shoulder and elbow flexionIn order to use biceps muscle arm has to be supinated or else it will be relaxed to see if biceps is injured try supinating arm o Common injury to biceps is when long head ligament slips out of bicipital grooveBrachialis is the most powerful flexor of the elbowOriginates on shaft of humerusInserts on ulnar tuberosity
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