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Lecture 2

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jamie Melling

Lecture 2: Part 1: Systemic and Functional Anatomy Systematic Anatomy Regional Anatomy Looking at a specific system in the body and where Looking at one area at a time however you are that system is within the body. Allows us to looking at every aspect in that one area. Body parts summarize the body easier. not body systems. Makes it harder to look at the whole picture at once. Example: Circulatory system Example: The neck Body Positions: Anatomical Position: Standing erect, facing forwards, arms to the side with palms facing forward. Supine: Person lies face up Prone: Person lies face down The Anatomical Position: Directional Terms: Proximal: Closer to the attachment Distal: Farther from the attachment Anterior: Front of the body Posterior: Back of the body Superior: Top of the body Inferior: Bottom of the body Lateral: Away from the center line of body (or to the outside) Medial: Towards the center line of body (or middle) Deep: Away from the surface (internal) Superficial: Towards the surface (external) Ventral: Front of the body Dorsal: Back of the body – like a dorsal fin Planes of Reference: Coronal: Divides the body into anterior and posterior. Also called frontal. Saggital: Divides body from side to side. Midsaggital divides directly at the median line. Transverse: Divides body into superior and inferior. Regions of the Body: Abdominal:  The  abdomen     Facial:  The  face.     Pectoral:  The  chest.     Acromial:  Top  of  shoulder.     Femoral:  The  thighs.     Pedal:  The  foot.     Antebrachial:  The  forearm.     Frontal:  The  forehead.     Pelvic:  The  pelvis.     Antecubital:  The  space  in  front   Genital:  The  external   Perineal:  The  region  between   of  the  elbow.     reproductive  organs.     the  anus  and  the  external   Axillary:  The  armpit.     Gluteal:  The  buttocks.     genitalia.     Brachial:  The  arm.     Inguinal:  The  groin   Plantar:  The  sole  of  the  foot.     Buccal:  The  cheek.     Lumbar:  The  lower  back.     Popliteal:  The  back  of  the  knee.     Calcaneal:  The  heel.     Mammary:  The  breast.     Pubic:  The  region  anterior  to  the   Carpal:  The  wrist.     Manual:  The  hand.     pubis  bones  in  the  pelvis.     Celiac:  The  abdomen.     Mental:  The  chin.     Sacral:  The  posterior  region   Cephalic:  The  head.     Nasal:  The  nose.     between  the  hips.     Cervical:  The  neck.     Occipital:  The  back  of  the  head.     Sternal:  The  region  above  the   Costal:  The  ribs.     Ocular:  The  eye.     breastbone.     Coxal:  The  hips.     Olecranal:  The  back  of  the   Sural:  The  calf.     Cranial:  The  skull.     elbow.     Tarsal:  The  ankles.     Crural:  The  (lower)  leg.     Oral:  The  mouth.     Thoracic:  The  chest.     Cubital:  The  elbow.     Orbital:  The  eye  cavity.     Umbilical:  The  navel.     Digital:  The  fingers  (and  less   Otic:  The  ear.     Vertebral:  The  spinal  column. commonly,  the  toes).     Palmar:  The  palm  of  the  hand.     Dorsal:  The  back.     Patellar:  The  front  of  the  knee.     Body Cavities Protect vital organs and organize the human body regionally . Ventral  Body  Cavity  (Coelom):  Frontal  cavity  provides   protection.  Lining  prevents  friction.  Two  sub  cavities   are  seoerated  by  diaphram.     Thoracic  Cavity:  Surrounded  by  chest  wall  and   Abdominopelvic  Cavity:  Contains  the   diaphram.  Also  contains  the  pericardial  cavity   peritineal  cavity   which  surounds  the  heart.  Peri  =  around.   Right  Pleural  Cavity:   Surrounds  right  lung   Abdominal  Cavity:  Contains   many  digestive  organs  and   glands   Mediastinum:  Con
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