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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jamie Melling

Muscle Functions: - Movement, Creation of Heat, Excitation / Stimulation of Cells Muscle Naming: - Based On: Location, Function, Size, Region, Shape, # of Origins - Ex: Longus  Longer of 2 muscles - Ex: Rectus  Means straight - Ex: Sartorius  Named after Greek word for a tailor Muscles of the Head: - Either assists in facial expression or chewing - Innervation: Facial Nerve # 7 Muscle Action Origin Insertion Frontalis - Raises and - Epicranius - Skin Lowers Eyebrows Occipitalis - Raises Eyebrows - Occipital Bone - Epicranius - Mastoid Process Orbicularis - Closes Eye - Medial Wall of - Circular Path Oculi - Winking Muscle Eyes Around Eye Orbicularis - Protrudes Lips - Muscles around - Skin at corner Oris mouth of mouth - Kissing Muscle Depressor - Pulls mouth down - Mandible -Angle of mouth Anguli Oris - Frowning Muscle Zygomatic - Pulls mouth up - Zygomatic - Skin at angle Major / Bone Minor - Smiling muscle - Upper Lip Buccinator - Moves mouth -Alveoli of upper - Orbicularis Oris laterally (chewing) and lower jaw Platysma - Depresses - Deltoid and - Mandible Mandible Pectoralis Muscle Fascia - Pouting muscle Facial Nerve # 7: - Brainstem  InternalAcoustic Meatus  Stylomastoid Foramen - It then branches off to 5 main branches: - Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, Mandibular, Cervical - When the parotid gland gets infected, it swells - Swelling puts pressure on Facial Nerve (hindering its function) -As a result, the face ‘melts’ Bell’s Palsy Muscles of Mastication (Chewing): Muscles of the Tongue / Glossus: -All Innervated by the Hypoglossal Nerve 12 Muscle Action Origin Insertion Genioglossus - Depresses Tongue - Mandible - Inferior and - Protracts Tongue posterior tongue Styloglossus - Elevated Tongue - Styloid process - Side and of temporal bone inferior tongue - Retracts Tongue Hyoglossus - Depresses tongue - Hyoid Bone - Side of tongue - Draws down sides Muscles of the Pharynx / Throat: -All innervated by the Vagus Nerve (CN X) -Act as constrictors of the pharynx during swallowing - Involved with the gag reflex - Pharyngeal Constrictors: Constrict, pushing food into the esophagus - Composed of Superior, Middle, Inferior Pharyngeal Constrictors Anterior Neck Muscles (Suprahyoid): - Used mainly to raise the larynx and depress the mandible (open mouth) - Digastric: Composed ofAnterior and Posterior Bellies Muscle Action Origin Insertion Innervation Sternocleido - Flex / - Sternum - Mastoid -Accessory -mastoid Extend / Process Nerve (XI) Rotates Head - Clavicle Digastric - Elevates - Mandible - Hyoid - Trigeminal Muscles hyoid bone (ant
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