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Western University
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Health Sciences 2700A/B
Treena Orchard

Film – Karla’s Arrival December 3 , 2013  Set in Nicaragua – about homelessness and love  Her mother doesn’t know where she is living or sleeping  They offer the woman a C-section  She has a baby girl  Renting a room costs at least 20 pesos  The father gets out of jail and really tries to provide for the mother and the baby  He finds a room to rent for 30 pesos, but it doesn’t have a light bulb and it needs someone to come and clean it  The father tries to contact his father for some help with money  The rooms are to be paid on a daily basis and the washrooms must be kept clean  His father didn’t show up to meet up with him – no money  First the mother has to earn money before renting a room  Not just selling job – with some honest jobs you can get money (selling marijuana)  Being offered new opportunities – “Jesus sent them” – here you will sleep peacefully  Then only thing required is that “you want change”  A home for woman who are homeless  The woman is giving her unborn child to Allan because he has never had a child before and she feels sorry for him – telling the mother that all she wants is for he
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